New Video for Sussex Cricket team / Foundation

Shot the video for Sussex Cricket Team’s Charity single , recorded at Appleyard Studios, in Sussex.

Some of the footage was filmed during two days at the ground, where members of the local community were invited in. One of those days being Disability day . And then more footage of the team’s arrival at Appleyard studios , and then in the studio as they sang their parts.

On Wednesday evening, ahead of the T20 game against Hampshire, it was great to see the final result revealed to the board of the club’s charitable foundation, who have the video a great reception.

Sky requested the video for screening, and the video was debuted just after the meeting in the boardroom , so it went out on the big screens at the ground. Hopefully it won’t be long before Sussex fans start singing along to this catchy little number. It’s due to be played at every game so it won’t be long before they learn the words 🙂