Wedding Videography

It’s no exaggeration to say that when speaking to existing Brides about their wedding day, the number one thing they regret is not making a professional video of their wedding. Photographs are a great way of freezing time, and bringing back memories, but nothing quite beats a wedding video, in terms of even seeing things later on we take for granted, in the moment such as the way people speak, move, their body language etc

If you are looking to relive your big day as much as possible , the closest thing to being there is undoubtedly watching back your wedding film. Shooting a wedding film / wedding video is by far the most labour intensive work of all, and shooting your big day is only the start of it.

To give some idea of the process, a simple 3 minute video can take as little as 6 hours to edit while a more complex 3 minute video can require 30 plus hours of editing. Add to that logging, tagging, color correction, mixing, and compressions and it can take days or even months to edit your video.

Making a quality Wedding film or wedding video is not much different to¬†making a short film . And if you want to capture your big day in a big screen format , we have that covered with our Cinematic Wedding films . Offering the look and feel of a big screen experience without the big screen budget. and what’s more – depending on your budget we now have access to the latest Big screen cameras, which shoot Hollywood Blockbusters such as Red camera complete with camera operator. So where your budget is moderate or generous we can help make your dream a reality.¬†

If you’re looking for a fun, modern video then check out our new Marryaoke video shot at Lympne castle in Kent . A great wedding venue, we highly recommend.