Hindu Ceremony, London

I love being booked as a candid documentary wedding photographer, and it was great being back in London to shoot a lovely Hindu ceremony and reception for Sophia and Adjay. As often happens, throughout the planning stages for the wedding, I had dealt primarily with the bride Sophia, but we hadn’t met up in person, and really what better first impression can there be that meeting the bride and groom for the first time, looking their best and at their happiest?

Hindu Wedding, London.

It was a real international affair with guests flying in from around the world, and it was a really lovely atmosphere inside the temple. As expected, the bride and groom were very colourful, wearing vibrant colours which I love to photograph.

Bohemian Rhapsody Author Lesley – Ann Jones

It was a pleasure speaking with acclaimed Bohemian Rhapsody   author and journalist Lesley – Ann Jones at the Croydon Literary festival. What she doesn’t know about music and music history, isn’t worth knowing about. In part one of the interview , she discusses what got her into music, and her long standing love affair with the music of Sir Paul McCartney.



Huge congratulations to Roddy & Pauline. Aged 87 and 76, they are two of the most gorgeously loved up people you’re likely to ever meet, and were like a pair of teenagers on their wedding day!

It was a real honour to share in their day, and provide Cinematic Wedding videography  in a  beautiful Stately Home setting in Northamptonshire !


Wedding at Chelmsford Cathedral

First wedding at Chelmsford Cathedral and have to say, what a gorgeous place that is, Fantastic architecture and the sheer size of the place is mind-blowing.

It helped that the vicar was really laid back and easy going. Some ceremonies can be a little restrictive for a variety of reasons, and often as a Wedding  photographer or videographer you’re instructed to stay rooted to one spot which is a little like having your hands tied. This vicar wasn’t one who came with a book full of rules, apart from the bible, and was a joy to deal with. He conducted a great service too .

Afterwards, everyone headed over to the Bull at Great Totham, which is just outside Chelmsford, and  was a great venue, with really helpful staff, including the proprietor who really knew how to be the perfect host.

Before all of that was the bridal prep, at the couple ( Clair & Owen’s) house in Chelmsford, Essex. In between shooting their wedding video, I shot this candid pic of the bride , Clair .

Really lovely wedding with a great couple.

Traditional Church Wedding in Southampton

Loved having a 3 man crew on this tradition Church wedding in Southampton yesterday. We also had another wedding yesterday  in Suffolk, which was shot by one of the newest members of the team , Elliott  and  was as far removed both physically and stylistically from this one, as it was a festival themed wedding . For our Suffolk wedding we were asked to do both photography and make a Wedding film, so we used mainly two photographers and one Videographer, who also took some stills. Love the expression on Aaron, the grooms face in this shot. He looks like the happiest man alive , don’t you think?


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Chance to compete 2018


It was a real pleasure shooting both stills and film for former Bank of England Governor Lord King’s Charity ‘ Chance to Shine’ at the Loughborough National Cricket Performance Centre.

This is a great charity and worth checking out and donating to. https://www.chancetoshine.org

Amongst the participants was former England Cricketer and author of ‘ Cut short’ James Taylor, seen here in this picture with some of the winners .

You often get what you pay for with Wedding Photography

There seems to be tendency  amongst certain  potential clients to always go for the cheapest option. As if the lowest price is all that matters, when it comes to hiring a photographer or videographer .

To be honest these aren’t the sorts of clients we like to take on, because they tend to have zero appreciation for the work, passion and dedication involved in good photography or film making . And to make matters worse, they also tend to be the most problematic too.

Unfortunately some unscrupulous suppliers can take advantage of people with this race to the bottom  mindset, with some suppliers quoting a ridiculously low price, which gets them hired, but they then use this booking as a back up plan, just in case nothing else comes through on that particular date. If something subsequently comes through with a more realistic price, they then leave the first client in the lurch, looking for new supplier at the last minute.

Another thing to look out for is this example given by a bride to be  from London

“The person we chose at first turned out to be fraud … website was built from stolen photographs, when I asked them they changed their name  and took down the website … came up with an excuse they are going to travel abroad for person emergency .. I try to be very open and transparent in the way I work at my job and things like this always manage to amaze me. ”

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