Dating Profiles

When meeting in person you get more than a split second to make a good impression, however when someone is presented with your dating profile you only get a brief moment for them to decide whether they are attracted to you. And much of that rides on how you appear in your photographs. So many people online get over looked simply down to not being able to present themselves in the best light.

Most of us stiffen up at the thought of having our photos taken and unless you have had a career on stage or in modelling you probably don’t consider yourself particularly photogenic, and would rather not have to post photos of yourself to get a date. But as someone who created hundreds if not more, portraits for social media brand LinkedIn as their official photographer, I believe everyone can take a great portrait. I guess it comes down to a few things. Firstly being at ease, feeling confident and the setting. As an experienced wedding photographer I am used to capturing people who are incredibly nervous and yet want to look the best they have ever looked, and I have mastered the art of putting people at ease, and helping increase confidence and presence making them light up in front of the lens. That’s another thing, I tend to work with cameras and lenses that are quite unobtrusive, as sometimes even having a large lens pointing at you can be a little intimidating .

I believe I’m good at producing photos which bring out the true essence and radiance within. My shoots aren’t rushed; we usually only need a couple of hours to get the right shots. But just like a great date we forget the time and enjoy the moments spent.Professional Shoots start from just £250