Wedding Photography

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” ― Karl Lagerfeld Hiring a professional wedding photographer for your wedding photography  is the best investment decision  you can make to safeguard those never to be repeated memories. We offer the best in candid, and traditional wedding Photography, and Wedding  Videography, offering the option of your wedding photos having a vintage film or modern, clean  digital look, and bringing your wedding  memories to life in a cinematic way We don’t place any restriction on the amount of photos our clients receive, and as a client you are free from any there restrictions, so you can get your photos printed elsewhere , for instance, without needing to get our permission, or having to order prints from us. If you are also planning on having a wedding video or cinematic film shot for your wedding, then please also check out our wedding video section. Deals are available for the booking of wedding photography & video, so do drop us a line, or leave a voice message.     Candid wedding photography & Videography is ideal for those wanting  wedding videos and albums that capture raw emotions, true moments and offer a window to your soul on this special day. No occasion is overlooked and no moments are lost. Combining creativity and an eye for catching what others would miss; So Tangy offers quality wedding albums and videos that remain eternal reminders of this unique day. So Tangy wedding photography is all about candid, journalistic photography. Coming from a street photography background, having to think quickly on your feet and capture moments that could be lost a split second later is second nature. Our photography philosophy is based on capturing the natural energy of our subjects, not on trying to airbrush photos until the bride and groom look like  fictional  characters. We capture real people, doing what comes naturally on the most important day of their lives, in an unobtrusive way. Shooting  discreetly at weddings in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Northamptonshire, Bristol, Birmingham, Norfolk, Suffolk, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and further afield. Stunning candid Wedding Photography & Videography that capture your priceless moments , allowing you to  relive your memories forever. For lots more wedding photography please click here So Tangy Weddings We work with couples to deliver a bespoke wedding – we will be there capturing every moment of your day, right from the Getting Ready phase, through the Ceremony, location photos, Reception right through to your First Dance. Your wedding photographs will be your only keepsake from your Wedding and investing in the right photographer is absolutely critical to ensure cherished memories for the years to come. Unlike a lot of wedding photographers , we don’t believe in forcing couples into postures and positions that are not natural to them, in order to capture a shot. We believe that if you want to capture someone’s natural personality then, as a photographer,  or film maker you need to be as unobtrusive as possible and let people just be themselves Photography  needn’t be just  a collection of sterile posed shots. Working bespoke we  are committed to ensuring you are provided full and dedicated coverage, even if your timetable runs overtime.   Registry Office Weddings / Small Weddings Just because you’re getting married in a Registry office or having a small wedding doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to us! Small weddings are the hardest for us to design any kind of package for, so we suggest you simply call up, make an appointment and come in and talk to us about your plans and your budget. That way we can tailor something to suit your needs and your budget – and you get the memories to last a lifetime!   Because of the diverse nature of what we do- from Music Videos, to Corporate videos , weddings and parties, life is never dull and neither is our photography or videography. We’re not one for regurgitating tired and worn formulas, of what constitute wedding photography . We like to think outside the box, and bring elements of what we have loved doing across the different photographic genres we cover. So if you’re looking for a photographic collection thats a little unique, and  different from your friends , family , parents and grand parents before them, you’ve come to the right place We are confident that you will not find a more optimal balance of quality and affordability