Wedding at Chelmsford Cathedral

First wedding at Chelmsford Cathedral and have to say, what a gorgeous place that is, Fantastic architecture and the sheer size of the place is mind-blowing.

It helped that the vicar was really laid back and easy going. Some ceremonies can be a little restrictive for a variety of reasons, and often as a Wedding ¬†photographer or videographer you’re instructed to stay rooted to one spot which is a little like having your hands tied. This vicar wasn’t one who came with a book full of rules, apart from the bible, and was a joy to deal with. He conducted a great service too .

Afterwards, everyone headed over to the Bull at Great Totham, which is just outside Chelmsford, and  was a great venue, with really helpful staff, including the proprietor who really knew how to be the perfect host.

Before all of that was the bridal prep, at the couple ( Clair & Owen’s) house in Chelmsford, Essex. In between shooting their wedding video, I shot this candid pic of the bride , Clair .

Really lovely wedding with a great couple.

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